Welcome to the universe

Southern California’s gateway to the cosmos! Telescopes, exhibits, live shows, and more, all surrounded by the most spectacular views of our city of angels.

In the sky tonight

Jupiter Rises

This week Jupiter is on tap and looking sharp through our field public telescopes. Show up between 6p - 9p Tuesday - Sunday and witness the breath-taking views of our largest celestial planet.

Saturn's Moons are Ringing

Only a few more days remain this year to see Saturn in the evening twilight. At 5:30 p.m., when the sky should be dark enough to see it, Saturn appears similar to a solitary, bright golden star low in the southwest sky.

A Wandering Martian

The orange planet Mars is in the faint constellation Aquarius the Water-Bearer. Directly below Mars and midway between the planet and the horizon, the bright star Fomalhaut, in the constellation Pisces Austrinus the Southern Fishes, glimmers with a blue-white hue.

Comet 46P/Wirtanen Dec 16 2018

Next star party: Saturday Feb 9 2018

Getting here

Take the Dash Observatory bus from Vermont/Sunset Metro Red Line Station

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